• trancheuse-posant-du-pe100-gaz

    Sustainable pipe world premiere for DYKA France: wrapped PE pipes save on transport and on-site backfill

    GRDF and DYKA France have been working together on an innovative solution to reduce the environmental impact of gas pipe-laying sites. They have together introduced a groundbreaking technique that is known as wrapping. This involves placing highly resistant geotextile sheaths on polyethylene pipes, reducing the carbon footprint, and enhancing...
  • JDP new branch

    JDP announces new flagship branch opening in Leeds-Bradford (UK)

    JDP (John Davidson Pipes), the UK's leading distributor and supplier of civils and drainage products and part of our business unit DYKA Group, is pleased to announce the opening of a £ 3 million flagship branch in Bradford, West Yorkshire.
  • Julian Alaphilippe

    DYKA partners up with Soudal Quick-Step for the Tour de France

    DYKA replaces Latexco on the Tour de France jersey of the Soudal Quick-Step Team. DYKA is part of DYKA Group, a business unit of Tessenderlo Group. As Latexco was acquired at the end of 2022 by Tessenderlo Group’s CEO Luc Tack, the decision was taken to put DYKA in the spotlight for this year’s Tour de France. DYKA is a manufacturer and distributor...
  • Prefab

    Prefab piping systems for prefab houses: intense collaboration between DYKA Netherlands and Startblock

    To deliver part of the solution to the shortage of (affordable) housing in the Netherlands, factory built houses are on the rise: houses fully produced in the factory, delivered as a whole on site and installed within five days. A great new innovation in which the prefab team at DYKA Netherlands started an intense collaboration with Startblock, an...
  • Bio-attributed pvc

    From used frying fat - to plastic pipe: DYKA Netherlands realizes bio-attributed pvc

    DYKA Netherlands, part of DYKA Group, is taking a further step in improving the sustainability of its plastic pipe systems. The innovation is focused on one of the most important raw materials in the production of PVC pipe systems - ethylene. Ethylene can now be produced from material of bio-attributed origin, providing a CO2 reduction of at least...
  • DYKA NL Development Project Middelburg

    44 tailor-made Axedo manholes for a new development project in Middelburg by DYKA Netherlands

    Green and pleasant living with the center of Middelburg within reach: that is what one gets if they choose to reside at Veersepoort 5. At this green location, which is situated close to the Vogelpark, 75 single-family homes and 33 apartments are being developed. On the advice of the municipality of Middelburg, Axedo manholes were used for the...
  • DYKA France Gaillon

    DYKA Group completes its acquisition of Pipelife France

    New investments for further growth Tessenderlo Group and its DYKA Group business unit officially finalized the acquisition of the Pipelife France plant in Gaillon on Monday, October 3, and will be incorporating it into the operations of DYKA France with a view to supporting the growth of its operations in the French market. After announcing its...
  • DYKA12

    Press release : Tessenderlo Group to acquire REHAU Tube plant in France

    Tessenderlo Group to acquire REHAU Tube plant in France

  • DYKA135

    Video case: sustainable and fast prefab solution reconstruction Amstelveen tram line

    The Amstelveen tram line is a frequently used tram connection that runs between Amsterdam and Amstelveen.

  • DYKA-Cuby-Rijssen-209

    Ready-made bathrooms by myCuby featuring our prefab elements at DYKA Netherlands

    Modular construction methods are on the increase in the building industry in The Netherlands. myCUBY is a loyal customer of DYKA that specializes in the production of complete bathrooms and lavatories.

  • DYKA19

    DYKA Belgium supplies 3 km of 225 mm diameter HDPE pipe sleeve to Verbraeken Infra

    In the Gravenstraat, which is situated between Mol and Dessel in Belgium, the contractor Verbraeken Infra opted for horizontal directional drilling for the laying of cables and pipelines...

  • OperationCleanSweep

    DYKA Group plants become official partners of Operation Clean Sweep

    Recently, all the DYKA Group plants using injection molding and extrusion machines (7 plants) signed up to become a partner of Operation Clean Sweep® Europe.

  • DYKA HDPE pipes

    “We delight our customers” – the DYKA Netherlands team trains a customer on how to weld prefab HDPE pipes used for sustainable heating

    The DYKA Netherlands team trains a customer on how to weld prefab HDPE pipes used for sustainable heating

  • DYKA air ventilation system

    159 appartments on the Dutch coastline will enjoy fresh air thanks to our DYKA AIR ventilation system - delivered prefab

    With the choice of prefab DYKA AIR ventilation systems, the new Pharos residence is an excellent reference project for DYKA Netherlands.

  • DYKA hydrogen PE pipes

    Supporting the energy transition: hydrogen PE pipes approved in The Netherlands

    The Innovation & Technology department of DYKA Group recently acquired the official approval to use our PE pipes for hydrogen in The Netherlands!

  • DYKA engineering & sales

    Engineering & Sales are the perfect combo for a mega roof-to-river project by DYKA Belgium

    In Lanklaar, which is close to the border with The Netherlands, Soenen Golfkarton is building a new mega-site covering 113,000 square meters.

  • Tessenderlo Group to acquire French plastic piping activities from Wienerberger Group

    Tessenderlo Group to acquire French plastic piping activities from Wienerberger Group

    Tessenderlo Group announced today that it intends to acquire the production plant and the associated business of Pipelife France in Gaillon (Eure, France) from Wienerberger Group.