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Surprisingly Discreet, Seriously Useful!

The plastic pipes we create at our production sites are so discrete that you don’t notice them in your everyday life: they often disappear below the ground, in the floor, behind the wall or in the ceiling. But they are surprisingly useful because how else did you think you could take a shower without a piping system for supply and drainage? Or flush a toilet?

What applies to our products, also applies to us: we are a down-to-earth, warm-hearted group of people who do not always need to be in the spotlight. At the same time, we know very well that what we do is surprisingly useful for our society, and we are proud and ambitious about it!

Together we build Nature’s Network: Surprisingly Discreet, Seriously Useful! Will you also be a remarkable part of our team?

Surprisingly Discreet Seriously Useful

We’re building a sustainable future, with plastic…

You’re probably wondering how plastic can make for a better planet? Well, we prove every day that it is possible. By transporting water, air, and other natural energy sources in a reliable, efficient and sustainable way, we contribute to a better world. That way, less water or air is lost and we can capture, infiltrate, reuse and recycle it better. And of course, our plastics are completely reusable and recyclable. So even if you cannot see or hear us, we are there. Together we make a difference. Moreover, we work on new smart solutions every day. These enable us and our customers to continue using important natural resources more efficiently and with respect for the planet. For a difference you can feel every day…

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