Sustainable pipe world premiere for DYKA France: wrapped PE pipes save on transport and on-site backfill

GRDF and DYKA France have been working together on an innovative solution to reduce the environmental impact of gas pipe-laying sites. They have together introduced a groundbreaking technique that is known as wrapping. This involves placing highly resistant geotextile sheaths on polyethylene pipes, reducing the carbon footprint, and enhancing safety around buried networks. The wrapped pipes, which are pre-equipped at the factory, will be deployed in Meximieux, connecting the Rignieux-le-Franc methanization site to the distribution network.

The wrapping technique provides several benefits, including protection against ground stones and future risks posed by nearby earthworks. This results in faster pipe laying, savings in terms of backfill materials, and a reduction in material transport volumes. By reducing the need for sand purchases and transport, we're helping to preserve roads and farm tracks, as well as the quality of life of the local residents.

Franck Wetischek, Director of the DYKA plant in Gaillon, explains: "This project is very important for us and is part of our commitment to creating ever more responsible and sustainable solutions. This innovation has been possible thanks to the integration of a new machine on the PE production line. This new range of wrapped polyethylene gas distribution pipes was developed with GRDF to meet its need for more reliable and durable pipe solutions."