Ready-made bathrooms by myCuby featuring our prefab elements at DYKA Netherlands

Modular construction methods are on the increase in the building industry in The Netherlands. myCUBY is a loyal customer of DYKA that specializes in the production of complete bathrooms and lavatories. And its production facility in Rijssen is able to produce a ready-made bathroom in 16 hours. myCUBY uses DYKA's prefabricated products to create ready-made bathrooms.


”What we do is assembly. That's why we need a partner that prefabricates the products for us and, of course, which also has the full range of products in house. And that partner is DYKA,” explains Niek Brand, Managing Director of myCUBY. ”DYKA supplies everything we need, so we don't have to deal with other parties.”

BIM saves time

“We use the same 3D models as DYKA, which represents a great advantage and this also saves time. We create a 3D model for our own production, in which we incorporate DYKA's components. This is then sent to DYKA's BIM department, where it is checked and adjusted, if necessary. This eliminates the need for redrawing the model and allows it to go straight into production.”


DYKA Prefab

Communication between myCUBY and DYKA's account manager, Hans Veldhuis, always runs very smoothly. “Together we ensure that everything starts up quickly when it comes to working out our ideas”, explains Niek. “This is how the cooperation between TECE and DYKA started. We were looking for a push-fit system for water pipes and DYKA proposed the TECE push-fit system. This was very convenient for us and we didn't have to look for another supplier.”

“The use of prefab in modular construction will only increase!” says Niek Brand, Managing Director, myCUBY

Is prefabrication the solution to the challenges of construction?

“As far as the nitrogen problem is concerned, prefabrication is certainly a solution,” says Niek. “You need 5 - 6 contractors to make a traditional bathroom and all of them have to get to the construction site. With a prefab bathroom you shift part of the work to the production location. This means less transport and movement to the construction site.”

Prefab is also interesting from a financial perspective. “In recent years, traditional construction costs have risen sharply. However, we’ve set up our repeatable production processes in such a way that we can keep our costs constant. And this means that everyone knows what they have to do when an order comes in.”


Future of Prefab in modular construction

“The use of prefab in modular construction will only increase,” explains Niek. “We need to speed up construction on-site, which makes prefab bathrooms an excellent choice. The less time we spend on the construction site, the better.”


myCUBY® specializes in producing versatile units that offer you, the customer, a broad range of options. Prefabricated rooms are increasingly being used in new building projects. myCUBY® is the product of this new way of building. Read here to find out more about myCuby.