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The first pillar of our sustainability program is circularity. We want to prevent raw materials becoming waste and we want to minimize our emissions.

A lot of our existing products already help our customers, end users, and other people in becoming more sustainable. At the same time, we are embedding sustainability further into our operations and processes.

The pillar circularity features four specific topics.



SDG 6 Clean water and sanitation

Responsible water management

The first topic is responsible water management, which is linked to the SDG of "Clean water and sanitation". Our products already contribute to this SDG and it also plays an important role within our own organization: by 2026 and for every ton of produced product, we want to use 20% less drinking water. This will be done gradually and in different ways. For instance, we will explore ways of increasing the use of rainwater for sanitary or cooling purposes.

SDG 13 Climate action

Reducing the CO2 footprint

The next topic is reducing the COfootprint, which is linked to the SDG of "Climate action". We all know that carbon dioxide or CO2 plays an important role in global warming and, therefore, we have set the following targets: we will reduce our CO2 emissions in our production processes, especially in our own transport needs, and all our energy usage by one-half per ton of produced products by 2030. Therefore, we will, for instance, purchase more energy-efficient machinery and shift towards low carbon transport means. Moreover, we will only use non-fossil based electricity by 2025. We will achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.


SDG 11 and 12

Material efficiency

The third topic within Circularity is material efficiency, which is linked to the SDGs of "Sustainable cities and communities" and "Responsible consumption and production". We are working on increasing the recycled content in our products. Our target is to increase the use of recycled materials by more than one-half by 2025. 

Focusing on material efficiency also means addressing packaging. We are aiming to use carton packaging and HDPE pressure pipe caps entirely made from recycled materials. Initiatives to reach this goal by 2025 are ongoing.

SDG 11 and 12

Waste management

The fourth and final topic on Circularity involves waste management, which falls under the same SDGs as material efficiency. By 2025, we want to reduce production-related waste at our factories by 10% per ton produced product.

You can download the onepager of our sustainbility program here:
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