Bio-attributed pvc

From used frying fat - to plastic pipe: DYKA Netherlands realizes bio-attributed pvc

DYKA Netherlands, part of DYKA Group, is taking a further step in improving the sustainability of its plastic pipe systems. The innovation is focused on one of the most important raw materials in the production of PVC pipe systems - ethylene. Ethylene can now be produced from material of bio-attributed origin, providing a CO2 reduction of at least 90%, compared to current plastic pipe systems.

Ethylene is primarily derived from crude oil, at present, but there are now circular alternatives. "Bio-attributed ethylene is linked to biogenetic waste origin, from food and forestry-sector residual and waste streams. Used frying fat is a specific example of such a waste stream. Importantly, this waste stream extraction does not compete with the whole food chain," explains Ben Knapen, Director of Innovation & Technology at DYKA Group. "This PVC raw material is exactly the same in terms of quality, which means our bio-attributed PVC pipe systems also meet all quality requirements. It results in a CO2 reduction of at least 90% in the production of our plastic pipe systems. It’s a smart innovation, to which we are fully committed."

Guaranteed by ISCC PLUS

Gabriël Spruijt, Executive Vice-President of DYKA Group, is delighted with the certified innovation. "The ISCC PLUS certificate guarantees that the PVC is bio-attributed. The system is similar to the guarantee of origin certificates used for green electricity," says Mr. Spruijt, who also sees market opportunities. "Bio-attributed ethylene plays an important role in our sustainability program, but of course, it also offers opportunities for our Dutch customers to improve their own sustainability. Although the supply of bio-attributed ethylene is still relatively limited, we expect this market to grow strongly in the coming years," emphasizes Mr. Spruijt.

These pipes will be produced locally at the Steenwijk plant in the Netherlands.

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