Meet Jimmy, Foreman

Jimmy is a Foreman at BT Nyloplast and manages 24 people. In his role, he develops the planning of his people and does the necessary production quality checks. Jimmy works in an informal manner and focusses on co-operation. He is always in for a chat! Watch the video about Jimmy.


Meet Tamara, Warehouse Employee

Tamara works in the warehouse as well as in the office at DYKA and has a frequent direct contact with customers. She enjoys being a woman in a men’s world! Moreover, she likes the working atmosphere at DYKA and the closeness of the plant to her house. Watch the video about Tamara.


Meet Jean-Baptiste, Technical Sales Manager

For Jean-Baptiste, being a Technical Sales Manager with DYKA is a synonym for diversity. In an independent way, he divides his time between meeting clients, creating plans, making business trips or managing orders. Moreover, Jean-Baptiste has the opportunity to work with technical solutions and unique product ranges. Watch the video about Jean-Baptiste.


Meet Zayenne, Production Assistant

Zayenne works as a Production Assistant at BT Nyloplast. She learned the job from somebody who pensioned and nowadays, she has the opportunity to teach others her craftsmanship. She enjoys the work being independent, and loves the challenge of finishing all her work. Because of her great colleagues, every day she comes to work with a smile! Watch the video about Zayenne.